Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Austin International Drag Festival.
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Julie Sullivan

Julie's Queenly Couture
Austin, Texas
I design and build custom clothing and costumes for stage, special events, renaissance fairs, and performances.

I have a background in theatre, music, and historical reenactment. I also teach sewing, costume development and construction. I will be hosting the VIP suite, see you there!
Thursday, November 14

4:55pm CST

5:00pm CST

7:00pm CST

7:20pm CST

7:35pm CST

7:45pm CST

8:00pm CST

8:15pm CST

8:50pm CST

Friday, November 15

2:00pm CST

2:05pm CST

3:30pm CST

4:45pm CST

5:00pm CST

5:50pm CST

6:55pm CST

7:05pm CST

7:15pm CST

7:25pm CST

7:35pm CST

7:45pm CST

7:55pm CST

8:05pm CST

8:15pm CST

8:25pm CST

8:45pm CST

Saturday, November 16

2:45pm CST

3:10pm CST

5:45pm CST

7:05pm CST